2011 Sales

Stock sold in 2011


Ludlow Flock Book Sale and Show, Sat. 27 August 2011

Lightwater Nellie. Flock book reg. FC2419 SOLD

Sire: Upbank Harry. Flock book reg. MC0316
Dam: Lightwater ewe. Flock book reg. FC1411

Lightwater Nellie


Lightwater Nesta. Flock book reg. FC2427 SOLD – FIRST in EWE CLASS

Sire: Lightwater Loudhair. Flock book reg. MC0514
Dam: Wells Cross ewe Flock book reg. FC1959

Lightwater Nesta


Carlisle Flock Book Show and Sale, Sat. 17 September 2011

1. Shearling Gimmers

Lightwater Nigella. Flock book reg. FC2417 SOLD – Female Reserve Champion

Sire. Lightwater Lordship flock reg. no. MC542
Dam. Lightwater ewe flock reg. no. FC1915

Lightwater Nigella


Lightwater Neroli flock reg. no. FC2424 Sold – Female Champion

Sire. Lightwater Leipzig flock reg. no. MC543
Dam. Wells Cross ewe flock reg. no. FC1961

Lightwater Neroli


2. Ewe Lambs

Lightwater Patchouli. Flock book reg. applied for. Sold – 2nd in ewe lamb class

Sire Merlo Nimo flock book reg. no. MC580
Dam Wells Cross ewe flock book reg. no. FC1960

Lightwater Patchouli


Lightwater Primrose. Flock book reg. no. applied for. Sold 3rd in ewe lamb class

Sire Wells Cross Nate flock book reg. no.MC598
Dam Lightwater Love-in-a-Mist flock book reg. no. FC2164

Lightwater Primrose

3. Ram Lamb

Lightwater Parker. Flock book reg. no. applied for Sold – Male Champion

Sire Wells Cross Nate flock book reg. no. MC598

Dam Lightwater ewe flock book reg. no.FC1411

Lightwater Parker