October 2011

October 2011

York and ‘is he good enough?’


Saturday was the RBSS at York. I had L.Priscilla and 2 [unregistered] friends entered, but was unable to take them because of Priscilla’s mystery illness. A dose of Alamycin and Metacam brought quick relief but I wasn’t taking any chances and withdrew all 3. The problem arose after they had been out on a field of rather lush grass. I did introduce them gradually but perhaps not gradually enough. Now the ewes are due to go in there before tupping so I’m putting them on for an hour at a time. I never like sudden changes of grass for my stock. At the least they start to scour – what a mess!



Priscilla and friends, – and the fateful field

There were few coloured Ryelands for sale at York but the only ewe lamb fetched 200gns.

What to do about tupping? 22 ewes will go to the tup[s] this Nov 1st. Merlo Nimo is unrelated to all of them and I have been very pleased with the lambs he sired last autumn. He is in good condition and I’m sure could cope with 22. Is Lightwater Pickett worthy of a few? I like his conformation but am worried about how my ewes will manage at lambing time with lambs from such a deep-bodied ram. 2 hours travelling to York helped me decide which of the experienced ewes might cope best. I’m also not sure of the quality of his fleece. Nimo’s lambs have excellent fleeces. I’ve decided to have the fleeces of the 3 ram lambs I’m running on analysed. It’s not cheap but it might help me make some decisions. L.Leipzig will do his usual stint on a few unrelated ewes. L.Persia is at Chris Broughtons to prove himself on 3 coloured ewes there. L.PercyPersona will have to wait until next year – he won’t be happy!



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