New Home – progress at long last!

After several years of stressful negotiation with the Environment Agancy, my replacement home is at last under way. The stress isn’t over yet – the EA are not exactly falling over themselves to be helpful and having a new home built isn’t without its complications – but I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

The photos below show the new barn well under way and the scaffold going up in preparation for the erection of the timber frame for the house.


I’m praying that there are no serious delays because the new dam – to protect Morpeth from flooding – is nearing completion. In the photo below you can see the five main spill-ways apparently ready for operation.


Preparatory work is underway to redirect the River Wansbeck from it’s temporary course so that it flows through the dam. In the event of heavy rainfall the spillways will be shut to keep the water from reaching Morpeth. This will create a temporary lake which, as it fills, would soon flood my present home!

Dam_inset    This dam is huge!

To give you an idea of the scale, this picture shows one of the consruction workers – in an orange boiler suit -to the right of the spillways.

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