May 2011

May 2011 – Lambing is finished at Lightwater

They’re all here!

In all 37 lambs from 21 ewes.1 ewe was barren but she
had stunning twins her first two lambings so I shall give
her another chance.





This is her ewe lamb from last year called Lightwater Nutella [Nutty!]
I shall be showing Nutty this year.

The new shelter was up just in time. Thank goodness, with 7 ewes lambing in 30hrs amidst rain and high winds.

It was 5 days before the first 4 ewes were out with their lambs in a paddock treated to deter foxes.


Daisy – my Labrador – did fox duty by sleeping in the car by the night paddock. Cold for her but no foxes!







After those first high winds the weather turned sunny and warm in the day.

Most of the later ewes lambed outside although I brought them in for 48hrs to mother up and to tail the lambs.

My lamb shelters, made from ring feeders and bales with a taupaulin, were barely used but they gave me peace of mind.
This has to be the hardest working time of year with sheep.

If I can keep everything up to date I hope to enjoy the growing lambs and a chance to see other peoples stock at the shows and sales.

I hope everyone else has had a good lambing [months ago for some!] and is looking forward to the show season.


P.S. The gimmer shearlings have just been clipped. There are some lovely fleeces for showing and for sale.

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