March 2012

It’s gorgeous weather and the first lambs aren’t due for a fortnight! This morning I injected pregnant ewes with a vitamin E and Selenium suppliment. It was rather late for the first lambers so I hope it still has a beneficial effect. I hate injecting and they hate me doing it, but they are pretty forgiving and still come in for their feed and to have their photos taken.
It is a pity there is some breeze today. I had hoped to put the taupaulins on the lambing shelter but any wind can make it a fatally difficult task.I used to love sailing but prefer to have a boat under me!
Spring is really here. The garden is starting to shout for attention. I have a few days now before lambing takes up all my time. I’m pruning drastically so I shall have a big bonfire tonight.
Merlo Nimo is still in good form but disappointed not to be able to go in with last years ewe lambs.

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