February 2012

The Ryeland Flock Book Society council meeting has just been held and I’m hoping they have agreed to a gallery of coloured Ryeland photos on the society website that will also be accessed by anyone Googling ‘coloured Ryelands’. I have offered to host it in a separate address – a different domain name – on my web space (completely separate from my own website) but it will be much better on the society site if that can be arranged.
The Environment Agency’s flood relief plan for Morpeth will involve Lightwater being demolished. This will be very sad for my family and I – we came here 36 years ago and it holds a lot of memories for us. Plans are afoot to build a replacement on higher ground. There will be a lot of stages to go through beforehand and I have been out taking photos of farmhouses built in similarly exposed situations. This is one west of Morpeth – a typical small Northumbrian farmhouse similar to Lightwater but not so sheltered. I shall approach the house from the north with the prevailing wind from the west so it looks as though ‘the barn’ [hooray] will have to shelter the house on the west.

Grace has Done it again! As I rushed round the groups of sheep in the snow before I left to spend a couple of days with my eldest daughter, Grace was hanging over the gate next to the rams so obviously not in lamb. In haste I put her again with Merlo Nimo; she stood; he tupped[twice!] Now we shall see – lamb[s] end of June? I shall put her with last years ewe lambs and clip her with them at the beginning of May. No extra feed but good grass prelambing and wait to see what happens. She was 2 weeks after the others last year but this is ridiculous!


I love this picture of PercyPersona [left] and Pickett[rt] Percy looks as though he has Ugg boots on.


Topping is finished for now – a cold and boring job except on steep slopes when it is all too exciting. Now I’m going to chain harrow some of the fields.

The first of the ewes are already on prelambing buckets and flat feed of 175gms of 18% ewe nuts twice a day. They will be followed by the second group very soon and all will have their Hept P+ booster this week. That also means the rams and young females will get their boosters so plenty to occupy me.



My grandchildren visited recently and the young ewes were hopeful of food. But in with the older stock Ruby thought the nuts rather tasty!

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