February 2011

February 2011 – New Look Website

I hope you like the smart look of the revised Lightwater website. Howard has spent many hours learning and applying the new website management system and now teaching me to edit the site. I’m particularly pleased with the search facility and I hope you find it useful.





Like everyone else we had some really tough weather earlier this winter. The ewes all appear to be in lamb but it was really hard work to keep all the stock fed. Thank goodness for my quad bike for taking hay/straw to the farthest fields.18 inches is too deep for my ewes to dig for grass but young stock were energetically foraging by the time the snow reduced to 6/8 inches.





My first lambs are due March 25th so things are quiet for the moment except for the re-introduction of L.Nyman who has been away in Yorkshire with Chris Broughton.

A mobile lambing shelter should be erected in the next few weeks.

I’ve had a few visitors recently. The most surprising was a German reporter preparing an article on rare breeds in the EU. who had been in Northumberland seeing the Chillingham cattle. I only wish I could read German!


The most important thing that happened in that bad weather
was the arrival of George, my latest grandson.
Here he is at 1 day old. It seemed as though the only way that
I would get to be around at his birth would be by travelling there on my quad bike.

Very little traffic was able to move about but he conveniently arrived
in a lull in the snow storms, when the snow plough had been out.


Might he be the Lightwater shepherd in 20 years time?

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