Dec 082012
All those ewes that Wilson Pickett tupped lambed to the dates of the first tupping! How bizzare, but very pleasing. Even Grace had a lamb but not until July 4th, 12hrs after I decided she wasn't pregnant and turned her in with the ewes and lambs. As she walked away from me I noticed her udder had developed but she wasn't coming back. In total there were 41 lambs to 23 ewes - a lambing percentage of 178% - and already the first ram lambs are away to the butcher. It's a sad day but I plan to register only 3 rams. CARLISLE FLOCK BOOK SOCIETY SHOW AND SALE ON SAT. SEPTEMBER 22ND Lambs entered are shown on the page "Current Stock for Sale" I hope to add photos of shearling ewes entered shortly.
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