2015 – Stock for Sale


Ryeland Flock Book Show and Sale

 Saturday 19 September 2015 at Carlisle Auction Mart


Lightwater Entries -

Shearling Ewes

Lightwater Upsey. FC4243

Sire: Roston Starky SM0038

Dam: Lightwater ewe FC3170UPSEYs

            This shearling ewe is neat and fit. Her bloodline is one of my best. I expect her to raise twin lambs of good quality every year.  

Lightwater Una. FC4244

Sire: Roston Starky SM0038

Dam: Lightwater ewe FC2701


            I love this shearling. She has a trusting nature and a great conformation. I think she will be an excellent mother and show quality.  

Lightwater Umbel.  165C/U168  Registration applied for.

Sire:  Roston Starky SM0038

Dam: Lightwater ewe FC1905


            This shearling ewe was lambed as a hogg this spring and has raised a single ram lamb well.  

Ewe Lamb - Gimmer

Lightwater Vinca. Registration applied for

Sire: Keirhead Thor  SM0094

Dam: Wellscross ewe FC1960

VINCAs           This ewe lamb is already quite a character in the lamb paddock. If there is trouble brewing she will be in the middle of it. Going to be a leader I think. Fortunately not the wandering type!  Great show off.
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